The M-Series

Carbon Strength, Stretch Comfort, Magnetic Attraction

Our M-Series belts start with the strength, comfort, and ease of access of the B-Series and add a fast, secure, and satisfying low-profile magnetic closure.  M23 buckles are as at home at the office and in the air as they are on the trail.  M-Series belts are quick and easy to open and secure enough for whatever the day brings- and all without any moving parts to let you—or your pants—down.

Carbon fiber composites provide strength without adding weight or bulk while custom-woven stretch bands deliver the perfect combination of comfort and security.  The vegan M23 is molded, sewn, and packaged right here in the USA.

+ Buckles

  • M23 buckles are forged in the USA on a 60-ton press from carbon fiber reinforced polyamide composite.
  • Fiber orientation and appearance vary from piece-to-piece, making every buckle unique.
  • Magnets are awesome- but don't always play well with magnetic media. so it's best to keep our M-Series buckles away from re-writeable swipe keys and credit cards.

+ Performance Stretch II Bands

  • Our second-generation, custom-woven herringbone patterns feature a 10% stretch for a precise but comfortable fit.
  • All M-Series bands measure 38mm (1.5in) across, the standard width for adult non-dress belts.
  • If your belt ever needs freshening up, machine wash cold in a mesh bag and hang to dry.

+ Lightweight Fixed Bands

  • Our lightweight fixed bands are woven and sewn in the USA from a 1,500lb-rated MIL-SPEC nylon that is easy to adjust but up to whatever you throw at it.
  • Zero stretch for those prefer a bit more security or tend to clip things to their belts.
  • All M-Series bands measure 38mm (1.5in) across, the standard width for adult non-dress belts.
  • If your belt ever needs freshening up, machine wash cold in a mesh bag and hang to dry.

+ Sizing

  • Standard M-Series bands fit up to 46in waists (XXL) and can be trimmed to fit most bodies.
  • Longer custom lengths are available with a short wait (typically two to four business days). Please contact us for more information.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we want you to be thrilled with everything we make.  If not we want to know why- and will go out of our way to make things right.

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Depending on your waist size and the belt selected your new band might be longer than you'd like.  But don't worry- it's easy to trim to fit.  Here's how:

  1. Unwrap the Velcro tail strap from your new belt and set aside (we'll use it later).
  2. Slide the two halves of the belt past one another to open.
  3. Try your belt on for size: Pull the strap through the buckle adjuster until it is comfortable length and (in the case of elastic belts) stiffness.
    • For initial adjustment, it may be easier to try the belt on inside-out (with inside magnet and tail strap facing away from the wearer)- it's just easier to make big changes this way.
  4. Remove the belt and trim the end 6 to 8 inches from the buckle. 
    • Adding a second diagonal cut not only looks good but it makes threading the webbing through the buckle easier should you ever need to.
  5. Use a match or lighter to melt the cut ends and prevent fraying.  If you need adult supervision, please be sure to ask for it.
    • Lighter colors can collect soot from candles and matches, so a lighter is usually a better choice for those.
  6. Wrap that tail strap snugly around the loose end, scratchy side in.  Take your time to line up the edges to minimize snagging.