B-Series Instructions

Scissors.  Fire.  You've got this.

Depending on your waist size and the belt selected your new band might be longer than you'd like. But don't worry- it's easy to trim to fit.

Here's how:


Unwrap the Velcro tail strap from your new belt and set aside (we'll use it later).



Try your belt on for size: Pull the strap through the buckle adjuster until it is comfortable length and (in the case of elastic belts) stiffness.

  • As they don't need as much adjusting as fixed bands, our elastic bands are intentionally snug- you may need to feed the belt through rather than just pulling.
  • For easiest adjustment, the tail end of the band should sit at the outside of the belt.
  • For infrequent adjustment and a cleaner look with elastic bands, the tail end of the band can sit inside of the belt

Remove the belt and trim the end 6 to 8 inches from the buckle. (Don't worry- we have more if you get carried away.)

  • Adding a second diagonal cut not only looks good but it makes threading the webbing through the buckle easier should you need to.
4 Use a match or lighter to melt the cut ends and prevent fraying. If you need adult supervision, please be sure to ask for it.
  • Lighter colors can collect soot from candles and matches, so a lighter is usually a better choice for those.

Wrap that tail strap snugly around the loose end, scratchy side in. Take your time to line up the edges to minimize snagging.