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Meet Yaak

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Not just different:


We are passionate about the outdoors. Passionate about being active and taking the road less traveled. And passionate about good design.

We founded Yaak with the belief that products should enable your lifestyle. That doing a good job means supporting your pursuits without becoming a distraction. That anything you choose to introduce into your world should perform well in as many settings as possible.  

We don't want you to have to think about our products. But when you do, we want you to feel good about having chosen them.

A Better Belt

We just wanted a better belt.

A belt that would take us from work to play, from terminal to trailhead- holding up our pants without holding us back. Something lightweight and strong; comfortable and easy to adjust. A belt that wouldn't chafe on long bike rides or trigger metal detectors. Something that was attractive while providing easy access for nature's call.

So we built one.






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